Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis

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Hi, welcome to my website.

I’m Ruben, lifestyle photographer.
Since the day I picked up my first camera in 2012 I knew I touched gold. Photography is my fuel.
Building experience over the past years, both in front and behind the lens, I learned to understand the dynamic between someone who’s shooting and someone who’s being captured. Being part of a team that aims to make something amazing is a very special feeling, which I love.
What I also love is traveling and discovering beautiful places like; Japan, Australia, Argentina, India, you name it. All places where I got the chance to see the most stunning views and the most beautiful people.
Last but not least is my affinity for fashion, brands and everything that circulates around that. With a long history in the skateboard/snowboard retail industry I’ve seen a lot a brands passing by. Again, I love the dynamic in the whole world of beautiful stuff.
All these interests together create a cocktail in which photography is the ultimate tool where I can practice it all at once.
This is my platform where I show you what I do. Mostly the photos that I take, occasionally the photos in which I participate.

Like I said, welcome.

Photo by Alexander van Keulen